Hello and welcome!  My name is Sarah. I am a wife, a mom to two young boys, a blogger, a health & wellness coach, a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, an Exercise Physiologist, a lover of real food, always striving to create a spark in others to become the best version of themselves.

I am in a constant state of balancing life’s demands and chaos with a passion for stillness, quiet, and self-care. When I was graced with the gift of motherhood, I learned what many mom’s know or learn very quickly – stillness, calm, and self-care are almost non-existent or definitely take a back seat. And while I innately knew that moms are the driving force behind the family, it became even more clear to me as I stepped fully into this role. Then, a couple years in, running on empty, and feeling like I had nothing left to give – this message hit me hard. I need to, and all moms need to, put some of our needs, desires and loves first.  I know, crazy idea, right? Now, I am not saying we will make that cup of coffee or tea and actually get to drink it warm, or more importantly that the needs of our kids or family will be disregarded and put last. No, like you, they are my everything and I am grateful for this time in my life when they need me.  What I am saying is this…


Pause for just one minute. Quiet your mind enough to listen to your heart. What is missing? Does your tank seem full or empty? Are you racing through the day, checking off all the things on your list, but forgetting yourself? I know. I know. Enter the dreaded ‘mom guilt’.


Ugh! It is that guilt that often leaves us so completely drained, and at the end of the day, when we said we’d do that ‘thing’ we love for ourselves – workout, read, meditate, pray, bubble bath, wine, or sit for five minutes to just be – it doesn’t happen. So, here is the thing – if our tanks are running on empty, then sustaining this high level of energy won’t last, at least not for long.  I know and you know, in order to continue being the anchor for our families and driving this life, we need to fill our tank back up.



I have learned that when I carve time for me, I feel revived, energized, grateful, happy, like I can do anything. Some days it’s 5 min in the bathroom with the door shut to breathe, be still, and repeat a calming prayer or affirmation. Other days, it’s scheduled (or spontaneous) time for a 25 minute walk outside. Then there is the rare night, after the boys are down, when I choose to sit and enjoy a yummy glass of red wine, ideally with my feet up, reading something that fills me up or decompressing with a favorite Food Network show. (And sometimes I’m folding laundry). Truth be told – some days it doesn’t happen. And those can be the hardest days. I am on this journey right beside you, learning as I go. Here, I hope to inspire mommas, including myself, into action; into scheduling that time for the ‘thing’ that fills us back up so we can continue to be the power behind this life.


I hope you will join me here at life powered by mom, where we will create a community for moms to connect, inspire, and support each other to make a little space for ourselves each day.


I will share good information and tips I’ve found for nourishing our families with real food, moving every day, taking moments in the chaos to pause and breathe, inspiration to create those things we’ve dreamed of doing and so much more. I truly hope you’ll share, too. We can learn together through this supportive community we’ll create.

I have a degree in Exercise Science and Minor in Nutrition. I am an American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist and can work with physicians that choose to refer to me as I hold an Exercise is Medicine Credential Level II. I am a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach and am a Health and Wellness Coach.

Other things you will find here are musings, tips and tricks, and more from my life experience of being a full time working mom of two young boys, whose husband works away two thirds of the year. This admittedly requires loads of creativity and planning when it comes to keeping things (and me) running while he is away. More than that, I bring my passion, love and support for moms and families to live well, live fully, and to manage it all, while taking a little time for ourselves.


“I am going to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we take this ride together. Life is powered by mom… Will you join me?”

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