You guys are going to FLIP out over this recipe overhaul! This was inspired by a local Denver restaurant. The flavors are so good, but needed to little overhaul so I could eat it, too!   You will love this appetizer in place of the usual nachos or wings. It would be perfect to make for the upcoming big game or for any occasion!   Here’s how it all went down… My husband LOVES going to this place called Biker… Read more »

      Ingredient Safety Part II will review Parabens. This is the second part in a series of educational posts to help increase your awareness about the safety, or lack thereof, in the products we use every day. ______________ Parabens are endocrine (or hormone) disruptors, which may alter important hormone mechanisms in our bodies. Parabens are a class of preservative used in many skincare & cosmetics products to prevent the growth of bacteria & mold. _____________ There are methylparaben,… Read more »

Find food freedom BEFORE the holidays hit!!! We are about to enter into what can be the busiest time of year… Are you ready? I always feel like September and/or October a key times to really hit reset with many things, right before we jump into such a busy time of year. Of course this time of year is really wonderful, but it can also be super taxing on our health and health goals.  This time of year kids are… Read more »

Cozy Fall mornings call for jammies, a big mug of bullet proof coffee and this hash!   This hash is so versatile. Add eggs, swap out the sausage for bacon… It all cooks up perfectly in this Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.   Left this way, it’s perfect for my autoimmune protocol #aip friends out there. ❤   Substitute butternut squash for the yam and it’s 21 Day Sugar Detox approved for ALL levels *if you use an approved sugar free sausage*…. Read more »

  This is part I in a series of posts on ingredient safety and what to look for and avoid in your personal care and home care products.   Awareness.   We’ve got to start somewhere on our journey toward healthier living, so let’s begin by increasing our understanding & awareness of the harmful chemicals we’re exposed to every day. Phthalates (pronounced THAL-lates) are plasticizers – they make plastic more pliable (think shower curtains). They are a huge component of… Read more »

I talk a TON about Toxic Burden, but what am I even talking about? The way I think of toxic burden is the build up of harmful toxins we put on or in our bodies day in and day out. Over time, small doses add up. We have filters in our bodies that work tirelessly to protect us from toxins. Our liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs, and our skin. Unfortunately, in the world we live in – it can be… Read more »

  How is everyone doing? Are you starting to feel the holiday rush? This time of year can get so hectic, even though our intentions are good. It is easy to get pulled into wanting to make everything perfect. I hope you can make some space for downtime, fun and connecting with friends and family. Funny story, but I have had some serious cell phone issues this year! I think I will be on my third phone this year! Okay,… Read more »

    Good Morning America might grab your attention this week. They did a segment on chemical regulations, or the lack there of, in our beauty and personal care products. Sadly, I know my posts on this crazy life with my boys and my recipe posts are far more popular, but I am hoping this story from Good Morning America will get your attention.   I often feel like maybe I care too much, so much so it can be annoying?… Read more »

COMFORT FOOD // Who’s tired of Turkey?!? Well, good thing it’s the season of comforting foods! I recipe tested one of THE most comforting foods, meatloaf! This was DANG good! My boys will be like, “MOM!!! Meatloaf!!!” (Okay, name that movie!)  First of all, I have to mention – this grain-free, grass-fed, real foods version of meatloaf went to my subscriber’s inboxes first. Are you on that list? If not – join here! Next up, once you make this meatloaf, I promise… Read more »

REAL LIFE // What’s the point of expectation and those LONG to-do lists anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a list. I also love to dream, create & make actionable plans to reach those dreams. ? ……………… I am a planner & do like to know what to expect, which now makes me laugh.? I once heard someone say, “You might as well write it all down in pencil because God has other plans”. Wise soul. After 39 years,… Read more »