Find food freedom BEFORE the holidays hit!!! We are about to enter into what can be the busiest time of year… Are you ready?

I always feel like September and/or October a key times to really hit reset with many things, right before we jump into such a busy time of year. Of course this time of year is really wonderful, but it can also be super taxing on our health and health goals. 

This time of year kids are back in school, you have more of a routine and can carve out some time for you. Make non-negotiable self-care part of that. Maybe that looks like 20-30 minute brisk walks a few days a week, or starting back up with your weight lifting or yoga practice. Self-care doesn’t have to be exercise, it might be reading at night instead of scrolling through social media, or taking a long Epsom salt bath. Whatever you love to do that fills you back up… do that!

This is also the perfect time to commit to your nutritional goals and The 21 Day Sugar Detox is the perfect program to help you regain control of your nutrition plan. This is a real foods based program, without any gimmicks or powders, just real food, your committment, the guidebook and a coach if you know you need that extra accountability. 

Soon it will be the time of year with loads of temptations. There will be more social gatherings, more treats and sweets ?

NOW is the time to get control of your sugar cravings BEFORE the temptations are all around you. You CAN find freedom from your sugar cravings and take back control!

Choose YOU and your HEALTH! Join me as I partner with you for our October online group detox! To learn more about my group that kicks off on October 9th go here

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