Good Morning America might grab your attention this week. They did a segment on chemical regulations, or the lack there of, in our beauty and personal care products. Sadly, I know my posts on this crazy life with my boys and my recipe posts are far more popular, but I am hoping this story from Good Morning America will get your attention.   I often feel like maybe I care too much, so much so it can be annoying?… Read more »

REAL LIFE // What’s the point of expectation and those LONG to-do lists anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a list. I also love to dream, create & make actionable plans to reach those dreams. ? ……………… I am a planner & do like to know what to expect, which now makes me laugh.? I once heard someone say, “You might as well write it all down in pencil because God has other plans”. Wise soul. After 39 years,… Read more »

When I choose my boys over it all, time stands still. The holidays are approaching and there is still so much to do. I swear I just cleaned the house and it’s a mess again… I thought I had all the gifts complete, but I forgot a few. The holiday baking is in full swing, and a few ingredients are missing… Yet somehow playing trains, hide and seek and tickle games are exactly what I need right now. It’s a… Read more »

The last few days have rattled me to my core, creating a shift in perspective. My 4 year old is reacting to something, and we have no idea what it is. When the allergic reaction comes on, I feel lost. My brain stops functioning. My heart is racing. My fears overcome me. What if I mess up? I feel immense panic and helplessness. That feeling, as if there is nothing I can do to fix the problem, consumes me. It feels awful. All… Read more »

No, I am sorry, I don’t have a super pill. Some days I wish I did, especially as the pace of my life can at times seem out of control. Lean in. I want to tell you about a little secret I do know about. I know of a prescription that can heal in many ways. It is this ‘medicine’ I have found for my body, my mind and my spirit. It recharges me. It reconnects me. It clears my head. And… Read more »

  Oh sweet baby, E. I sit here staring at your perfect little face as you drift off to sleep on my chest. You just finished your dream feed bottle and are settling in for your nighttime slumber. As I watch your little face, all at once a rush of emotions takes over. I feel a giant release of pain and a filling up of gratitude. Baby E, we made it. In some ways the months flew by. At times… Read more »