Both of my little boys approve of this Cheesy Chicken, Zucchini and Rice Casserole. It has been a favorite of my oldest since I created it a couple of years ago. It sort of came together by chance, as I was trying to created a recipe he would love, that I could feel good about. I am a stickler for organic ingredients and this casserole is no different. I used the ingredients in the recipe below from brands I trust like: Pacific… Read more »

No, I am sorry, I don’t have a super pill. Some days I wish I did, especially as the pace of my life can at times seem out of control. Lean in. I want to tell you about a little secret I do know about. I know of a prescription that can heal in many ways. It is this ‘medicine’ I have found for my body, my mind and my spirit. It recharges me. It reconnects me. It clears my head. And… Read more »

  Oh sweet baby, E. I sit here staring at your perfect little face as you drift off to sleep on my chest. You just finished your dream feed bottle and are settling in for your nighttime slumber. As I watch your little face, all at once a rush of emotions takes over. I feel a giant release of pain and a filling up of gratitude. Baby E, we made it. In some ways the months flew by. At times… Read more »

A short and sweet post for you. Oh yes, I am a nutrition nerd. I read about it. I study it. I apply it. I experiment with new foods and recipes. I love it. And I have experimented enough to share my thoughts, so here goes. Here is the deal and where I stand on diets. I believe in real and lasting change. The kind where you see results outside and in. The kind of change you can maintain. I believe… Read more »

Technology is fantastic. Really. I love it. I love the web and all it provides us. I love that I can click ‘post’ and share a message with potentially millions. I value social media and staying ‘connected’ with my friends and family.  I especially love that I can ‘Google’ anything, and get an answer – I don’t recommend this for what ails you, though 😉 Anymore it seems we are all so spread out across different cities, states, and countries, often apart… Read more »

  What could be better than this divine coconut whip cream to pair this with some fresh cut fruit? Yum. Yum. Yum!  It is one of the easiest desserts I have made. It literally takes minutes to prepare. You will want to have a can of Coconut Milk Chilled in the Fridge overnight or at least 6-8 hours. After making this once, I promise you will keep a couple cans in the fridge to have on the ready at all times……. Read more »

What is self-care? Self-care is the art of devoting time and energy to the things that fill you up such as reading, running, meditating, spending time in nature. It is essentially doing anything that helps to fulfill some of your needs and desires, which re-energizes your spirit and renews your energy. Well, that is how I define it. Self-care is a buzzword, right now. Having a wellness, nutrition and exercise science background – I am thrilled to see more awareness around this… Read more »

As a recovering perfectionist and type A woman, I know how hard letting go can be. Let go of this idea of perfection? What the… ?!? And let the things I have worked so hard for be anything less than perfect? Yes, Sarah – you got this. Being a mom comes with so many lessons, doesn’t it? Letting go of things outside of my control is one lesson I keep learning. Over and over. Children are great teachers of this, especially… Read more »

I am lucky. I know this all the way to my core. I have a man in my life who is my rock, my best friend, my love, and someone that loves everything about me. Of course, like all couples, there are days when I could just scream at my husband because it can feel like he is my third child. Oh boy! What is one thing I know for sure? The one thing that makes us so good, even in… Read more »