3-21DSD-Coach-FBGroup-CoverFind food FREEDOM!

Bust sugar and carb cravings naturally in just three weeks.

  • Do you struggle with cravings?
  • Or maybe you find yourself constantly slipping back into bad habits and just can’t seem to get yourself on track?
  • Do you experience energy spikes and dips throughout the day – especially that 3pm slump?
  • Are you often tired, lethargic, or experience unexpected changes in your mood?
  • What about brain fog, cloudy thinking, and trouble sleeping, or even trouble concentrating on the task at-hand?
  • Have you tried to complete nutrition challenges before but felt overwhelmed, restricted and just plain hungry?!
  • Does this sound like you?

Well, you’re not alone, and tens or thousands of others, just like you, have overcome their own sugar and carb cravings, detoxed their bodies from sugar and found food freedom through the 21-Day Sugar Detox program.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a clear-cut, effective, real-foods-based program that supports your body in naturally detoxifying from sugar cravings. You’ll find increased energy, better moods, improved sleep quality, and, best of all, Food Freedom!

Well, The 21-Day Sugar Detox takes you through three weeks where you’ll learn how your body responds to different foods, and how your palate (the way food tastes to you) can change once the sweet stuff is gone. Imagine if vegetables actually tasted sweet… it’s possible!

The coolest part about this program is that it’s all easily accessible online and works together with the guidebook and cookbook, with over 200 recipes of delicious, detox approved foods. The program is also run on an online platform which offers a huge amount of continually updated and expanded eBooks, guides, audio support, videos, and direct access to the creator, Diane, and her team’s 1:1 advice, social media, and Forums. You are set up for success from the moment you jump in!

Do you know you need that extra bit of support and accountability? Here’s why you should work with me as your coach: 

As a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach, I’m uniquely equipped to walk
you through the program, from preparation before you begin, through the
program, and post-detox. I can provide you with the additional support you will need throughout the program. I will share ways to overhaul your pantry, share my favorite 21DSD recipes, as well as help you plan for when those temptations arise. I have over 12 years experience in wellness, fitness and nutrition and am here to support you!

Here’s what you get from me (2 OPTIONS):

OPTION 1 – Group Coaching: Online/Virtual Coaching with LIVE Calls

  • Four 30-60 minute group coaching sessions on a live call. I’ll use conference call line to privately hold our coaching sessions (recorded in case you can’t catch them live!). This will include a pre-detox preparation session prior to start date.
  • Unlimited email and text support between coaching sessions (I’ll reply within 24 hours).
  • Access to my 21DSD Private Facebook Group where you will get additional support from me and your peers doing the detox.
  • An exclusive 21DSD Participant Workbook (e-book).
  • E-mail News & Updates.
  • And so much more!

OPTION 2 – 1:1 Coaching: In Person OR Online/Virtual with LIVE Calls

  • Three coaching sessions; the first is usually 70-90 min + the other 2 are usually 60 minutes.
    • This will include a pre-detox preparation session prior to start date.
    • ***An option to ADD ON a tour of a local health food store. Ask if interested!
  • Unlimited email and text support between coaching sessions (I’ll reply promptly).
  • Access to my 21DSD Private Facebook Group where you will get additional support from me and your peers doing the detox.
  • An exclusive 21DSD Participant Workbook (e-book).
  • E-mail News & Updates.
  • And so much more!

The next group detox starts on June 5th and our first call is May 31st! (Subject to change based on client needs). ***If you are doing 1:1, we can discuss start date. 

Find food freedom and say goodbye to those cravings! See below for how to sign up. 

Here is how to SIGN UP:


Purchase the 21-Day Sugar Detox Materials HERE or at the links below. You have a few different options as spelled out below and at the links to The 21-Day Sugar Detox site.

*Of note, to follow along with the 21-Day Sugar Detox Group Coaching Program, you must either own the 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidebook and/or the Online Membership (which has an option to include the books and is the best value!).

  • The 21-Day Sugar Detox online membership: The 21-Day Sugar Detox online program is rich with exclusive online only content. There is an option to include the guidebook with the online program (PLUS package) OR the guidebook and the cookbook (PREMIUM package) as well – which is an exceptional value. Click HERE to go to the 21 Day Sugar Detox site where you can learn more about each option!
  • Here is what you get with the online portion of the program – which I highly recommend:
    • The Quick Start Guide (QSG)This is your go-to guide for the program and may be used in lieu of the printed program guide if you so choose. While the printed program guide includes expanded content about the science of sugar in your body and more, this guide has everything you need to complete the program successfully – all at your fingertips. This PDF is perfect for accessing on your phone or tablet while on-the-go.
    • The Modification Guide – where you’ll get expanded content discussing how to follow the 21DSD as an athlete, pregnant/breastfeeding mom, with a family and kids, as pescetarain, or while eating AIP. The Modification Guide is an extremely useful and valuable resource within the Online Program! This PDF is perfect for accessing on your phone or tablet while on-the-go.
    • The After the Detox Guide – Looking for a little extra support on day 22 and beyond? The After the Detox Guide is for you!!
    • Product Coupons – for some of your favorite 21DSD-friendly products including Kasandrinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pete’s Paleo meals, Vital Choice Seafood, and more!
    • Daily Detox Audio Series – these 10-25 minute recordings are perfect for daily inspiration and motivation on a commute, while getting dressed for the day, or anytime you want to get a bit more insight about what’s going on or what to expect on that day of your program.
    • Daily Detox Emails – this email series will now only be accessible to Online Program members.
    • Member Support Forum & 24/7 Membership Site Access – the program materials are online and available for you anytime.
    • Access to a forum moderated by Nutritional Therapists and 21DSD expert alumni.
  • OR you can purchase The 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidebook by Diane Sanfilippo: The 21-Day Sugar Detox Guidebook is a comprehensive guide to the program complete with yes/no food lists, meal plans, FAQs, a what-to-expect day-by-day guide, delicious recipes, and more.



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21 Day Sugar Detox Coaching

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