This is part I in a series of posts on ingredient safety and what to look for and avoid in your personal care and home care products.   Awareness.   We’ve got to start somewhere on our journey toward healthier living, so let’s begin by increasing our understanding & awareness of the harmful chemicals we’re exposed to every day. Phthalates (pronounced THAL-lates) are plasticizers – they make plastic more pliable (think shower curtains). They are a huge component of… Read more »

I talk a TON about Toxic Burden, but what am I even talking about? The way I think of toxic burden is the build up of harmful toxins we put on or in our bodies day in and day out. Over time, small doses add up. We have filters in our bodies that work tirelessly to protect us from toxins. Our liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs, and our skin. Unfortunately, in the world we live in – it can be… Read more »

  How is everyone doing? Are you starting to feel the holiday rush? This time of year can get so hectic, even though our intentions are good. It is easy to get pulled into wanting to make everything perfect. I hope you can make some space for downtime, fun and connecting with friends and family. Funny story, but I have had some serious cell phone issues this year! I think I will be on my third phone this year! Okay,… Read more »

REAL LIFE // What’s the point of expectation and those LONG to-do lists anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a list. I also love to dream, create & make actionable plans to reach those dreams. 😊 ……………… I am a planner & do like to know what to expect, which now makes me laugh.😂 I once heard someone say, “You might as well write it all down in pencil because God has other plans”. Wise soul. After 39 years,… Read more »

A little beet & green juice pick me up! Such a beautiful Fall color! 🍂🍁🍂🍁 2 organic Cucumbers + 5 or 6 large organic celery stalks both for the base + 2 large red beets + handful organic cilantro + 2 handfuls of organic spinach all in my Hurom. This made about 3 cups this size… (approximately 12 ounces each 👌). Lemon 🍋 would be a nice addition. This is pretty sweet with no fruit (hello beets!!!), but a green apple🍏would be a nice touch as… Read more »

Life has been so crazy good lately, but there has been no slowing down it feels like. It is one of those amazing times of great things happening – like launching my wellness coaching, partnering with new clients on their wellness dreams, launching as a Beautycounter educator as well as life as a full-time, working momma. Again, all such wonderful things, BUT how do you maintain health + wellness + sleep + good self-care during times like this? I thought… Read more »

If you have known me or followed me for any length of time, you know I am always trying to seek out quality non-toxic and safer products. When Beessential reached out to me to sample and review some of their products, I was thrilled! They make all-natural skin and body care products that are non-toxic and made with gentle, mild cleansers and essential oils. They are paraben and SLS-free and they use natural moisturizers like honey, hemp and aloe, beeswax, propolis, coconut… Read more »

Okay guys, I have promised to share this Summery Tarragon Chicken Salad recipe a gagillion times and now I am!!! Summer is here, so perfect timing – right? You see, I often make recipes without really measuring. I know, I am sorry. Every time I would go to make this, I would throw it together, take photos and be like, “Dang it! I forgot to measure again!” Well, not this time. I measured for you. You’re welcome. No, really. Every… Read more »

Happy Mother’s Day!!! This image of my oldest helping his little brother is something so simple that happened last weekend, yet has tugged on me since. He didn’t know I saw this or that I took a picture yet did this anyway ❤. Being a mom is one of the most rewarding things I’ll ever get to have the privilege to do, yet in contrast at times it often feels exhausting, demanding & even thankless. For me I think I… Read more »

Where would chicken salad be without mayonnaise? Where would the creamy dipping sauce, aioli, be without it? Instead of sticking with the conventional, mass-produced stuff made with sugar and unhealthy oils, opt for something better—Primal Kitchen’s Paleo-friendly mayonnaise, made from avocado oil. And don’t just take our word for it—try it for FREE. Because we’re such big fans of this mayonnaise, we are giving away thousands of full-sized jars of Primal Kitchen avocado oil mayo! Read on for the details… Most conventional mayos… Read more »