REAL LIFE // What’s the point of expectation and those LONG to-do lists anyway? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a list. I also love to dream, create & make actionable plans to reach those dreams. ?
I am a planner & do like to know what to expect, which now makes me laugh.? I once heard someone say, “You might as well write it all down in pencil because God has other plans”. Wise soul. After 39 years, I know this to be true. AND they are always BIGGER & BETTER plans. And sometimes there is pain before those bigger and better plans are revealed.
I feel like I am a whiz (most days) with time management…. BUT life and two beautiful blessings, my sons ?. They have taught me SO much, if I am open to the lessons. Slow down, play, laugh, get outside, make messes, rest, fight for what you want with all your heart, TRUST & LET GO… trust & let go.
I definitely do NOT have it all figured out. Not at all. I had plans this weekend to get lots done and have fun. I even broke the big list into smaller, actionable lists for each day? It was looking good. Then, 4 days home with my littles, and I have a bunch of stuff started, but nothing finished. ? Laundry is washed (now all wrinkled and strewn everywhere), the Christmas tree is up, but 2/3 of the lights don’t work so it’s not decorated, BUT oh well! We had fun (if you don’t count bedtime! ?)
Cut those lists in half (there’s no way we can or should get all that done in the time we think), add more time in for PLAY and life’s surprises and let go of some control to see what BIGGER & BETTER plans are waiting for you. Give yourself more grace and space for the unexpected good. I know I’m going to try! ❤

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