Good Morning America might grab your attention this week. They did a segment on chemical regulations, or the lack there of, in our beauty and personal care products. Sadly, I know my posts on this crazy life with my boys and my recipe posts are far more popular, but I am hoping this story from Good Morning America will get your attention.


I often feel like maybe I care too much, so much so it can be annoying? Maybe we don’t want to hear it? Yep, I get it. And if you’re not ready, that’s okay… you can keep scrolling.


Here’s the thing. I am here to be somewhat in your face, because I DO care. Because I have had my own health issues, because I had the honor to work in oncology near people who were fighting their biggest fight, because I have seen the increase in allergies, and ADHD, infertility and more and it kills me to not say something.


Did you know…



You have a choice.


You get to choose every day what you put on your body and in your body. AND It makes a difference. The rise in toxic chemical use is directly correlated with the rise in disease, the 4 As (ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Autism), cancer and so much more. This segment from GMA only touches on the topic. If only one friend or family member walks away with the thought to pay more attention to the household chemicals under their sink, the products they use every day, or the foods they eat… then I will feel like I helped make some impact.


Not ready for change? That is okay! But start to increase your awareness. Go to the Environmental Working Group website and start to check out your products. This is not all doom and gloom, but about empowerment. We have some big food and big chemical industries that are winning and we are getting sicker. It is time to take back some control.


BIG love, Sarah

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